CeraMild - Shower Head

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For the ultimate shower experience, find your perfect match from our selection of shower heads.

Every shower head incorporates our patented Saiseiko ceramic balls, which activate and ionize tap water. The shower heads make water feel softer and reduce the amount of water used without loss of pressure.

The incorporated vortexes in the showers create vast amounts of negative ions, which help to strengthen the body’s immune system. The Ceramic balls also produce Far Infrared Rays (FIR), which have the ability to help relax muscles.

Customers have reported increased blood flow and improved circulation. Most importantly, our products use a natural process to clean and revitalize your water. We don’t use chemicals or electricity to change your water.

The natural minerals in our ceramic balls help to neutralize the harmful effects of chlorine in the water. This makes the water more beneficial for your body, leaving your skin and hair feeling moisturized and in great condition.

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