O2 Armor Nose Filters

Size: X-Small
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O2 Armor branded concealed filters were created to provide a discrete nasal filtration system combining a comfortable device with built in and proven electrostatic filtration technology. O2 Armor provides a convenient method to protect you from pollution, dust, smoke and pathogens in your surroundings.

Each package of O2 Armor contains 3 filters in a convenient travel case, get one for every place you might use them, the car, your garage, range safety kit, tool chest, work case, carry-on luggage etc. Have them handy wherever you are concerned about the air quality.

What particulates does the filter block?

Sizing Information

- It's recommended that Tall people should try the Extra-Large or Large.

- Mid-sized people should try Large or Medium.

- Smaller people should try Medium or Small.

- Young people should try Small or Extra Small, Children’s use should be supervised by a parent. Filters are small and pose a choking hazard.


How do I use the filters?

1. Wash your hands and remove one filter from your travel case.

2. Gently place the filter in the nose as shown in the picture below.

3. Enjoy breathing cleaner air with comfort and confidence.


- Do not separate filter halves.

- Children should have adult supervision as filters are small and pose a choking hazard to children.

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