Silva Expedition 360 Global Compass



The Silva Waterproof Expedition Global Compass is designed for experienced compass users with a global needle for enhanced flexibility and the ability to be used in all three different magnetic zones.

  • Silva Map Compass Comes With GPS Scales, Map Measurements In MM, Inches (1/20th), And Map Scales Of 1:25k, 1:40k, And 1:50k
  • For Accurate Distance Measurements, The Detachable And Bendable Lanyard Includes Map Measuring Scales Of 1:25 And 1:50
  • The Silva Compass Lanyard Comes With A Slope Card For Determining Any Extra Distance Due To The Slope And If There Is An Avalanche Risk
  • DryFlex™ Rubber Grip Improves Handling For Easy Navigation
  • Built-In Adjuster Allows For Magnetic Declination Based On Location
  • Transparent Body, Magnifying Lens And Rubber Friction Feet Allow For Precise Map Measurements
  • Luminous Markings And Graduation Ring Enable Night Time Navigation (Up To 4 Hours Once Activated By Daylight Or A Flashlight)
  • Patented Red And Black North/South Lines In Capsule Bottom Ensures Easy And Safe Settling
  • Turnable Housing Perfectly Aligns With The Silva 1-2-3 System®

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