What is Sezzle? Buy Your Gear Now... But Pay Later

What is Sezzle? Buy Your Gear Now... But Pay Later

Posted by Kevin S. on 18th May 2022

What is Sezzle? A Buy Now Pay Later SolutionWe’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Sezzle to bring our customers a buy now, pay later payment choice that will make payments much easier.Sezzle is a fantastic financing option for online purchases. When you have an account with Sezzle it allows you to make a purchase at participating merchants and pay in increments interest free. If you’d prefer not to pay full price upfront, the alternative payment platform offers a four-installment payment plan, payable over four weeks. The first installment is a down payment that’s usually 25% of your order total.

Apply without affecting your credit

Sezzle doesn’t hurt your credit score. It runs only a soft credit check when you apply for an account and you receive instant approval. There are lower limits on the amount of the purchase with first-time shoppers but that may be increased as you build a history on on-time payments.

If you’d like Sezzle to report your payment history to the credit bureaus, you may join Sezzle Up to opt into reporting. Developing a history of on-time payments could help you build a strong credit profile.How to Apply for a Sezzle AccountIf you’re at least 18 years old, have a U.S. or Canadian mobile number that can receive texts, and a working email address, you may be eligible for Sezzle financing. You’ll also need an active bank account, debit card or credit card.

You can start using Sezzle by signing up for an online account on their website here. The company asks for your first name, last name, mobile number, email address, date of birth and a PIN. You’ll also have to agree to Sezzle’s user agreement and allow the company to conduct a soft inquiry on your credit.

This will open you up to be able to buy now, pay later at over 24,000 online stores and choose Sezzle for payment at checkout. If you want to pay off your Sezzle app purchase sooner, there isn’t a prepayment penalty and you won’t pay a fee to move a payment date earlier.Sezzle Up

If you’d like to increase your credit limit Sezzle offers a tiered service called Sezzle Up, which reports your payment history to the credit bureaus. To join Sezzle Up, you’ll need to link a bank account, pay off one order on time and provide your Social Security number.

Sezzle also has an app that allows you to easily manage your account. The app features allow you to browse online stores like TacFul Gear that offer Sezzle as an option, review orders, reschedule payments, change payment methods and receive payment notifications.Using Sezzle on TacFul GearOnce you have an account with Sezzle you’ll be able to make purchases on TacFulGear.com seamlessly. Upon checkout you’ll only need to choose Sezzle as your payment method much like you would PayPal or any other option. It’s no additional cost or catch. TacFul Gear happily pays for the ability to provide this solution to our customers. Then once your purchase is complete your products will be sent immediately. Then the only thing left you need to do is make your payments to Sezzle. We hope this will further give our customers the best experience possible when shopping with TacFul Gear!